Create. Analyze. Optimize. Re-engineer

With the attention span of a website visitor reduced to a few seconds, it is imperative that your website loads real fast! Page load, speed analysis and optimization will help your website perform better and gain traction with the visitors.

Organizations spend a lot of time and money on building their websites with the latest graphic design trends, multimedia etc. All this will be futile if the pages fail to load properly when a visitor comes to the site. Hence, a detailed analysis of the website for current performance and possible optimization is mandated.

At Michigan Data we have a solution to all your front-end Analysis and website Speed optimization concerns.

Following is a partial list of services we perform to optimize your website:

  • Optimizing the number of HTTP requests
  • Code quality analysis/correction
  • Short hand/hand written HTML/XHTML/CSS optimization
  • In-line and external JavaScript and CSS optimization
  • Multimedia content size, graphics quality optimization
  • JavaScript performance analysis/optimization
  • Background AJAX requests analysis/optimization

What we offer:

  • Front-end analysis
  • Code quality analysis
  • Load time optimization
  • W3C compliance
  • Code optimization
  • Navigation optimization
  • Usability best practices

Get in touch with us if your website requires optimization services.