Is your legacy information management system a showstopper for smooth work-flows? Its time to switch to a better option.

In the current business scenario access to information is critical to the success of any business. It is mandatory that all stakeholders of a business (customers, employees and business partners) have access to timely and up-to-date information, from any place and at any time.

Corporate Intranet and Extranets solve this problem of information access and help to manage the flow of communication with employees within an organization and with customers/partners outside the organization. Intranets and Extranets allow data and information to be available through a standard Web browser interface which can be extended to include other corporate business systems.

At Michigan Data we develop customized Intranet and Extranet solutions for small to large corporations and provide expertise, experience and dedicated teams to help clients develop and implement their Intranet or Extranet projects. Whether your requirement is for an Intranet for your employees working in multiple locations or an Extranet to allow business-to-business transactions with customers or extend business operations to business partners, our experts will work with you to drive substantial business value including enhanced productivity and efficiencies. Our Intranet/Extranet solutions help small-to-large size businesses streamline and automate their work-flow, collect information, perform business transactions and manage documents for multiple departments and report on data from multiple systems.

Our Extranet/Intranet solutions help you to:

  • Organize and share information
  • Implement workflows for procedure/policy enforcement
  • Create an internal information repository
  • Facilitate knowledge management
  • Improve communication and collaboration

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