Tired of investing too much time looking for that elusive document? Our document management solution will certainly help.

Most businesses have a vast array of documents such as application forms, compliance forms, invoices etc. which need to be stored and referenced. This leads to storage space, archiving and other issues.

Further, maintenance and retrieval of these documents is painful and time consuming and the documents are susceptible to get damaged or misplaced. A Documentation Management System (DMS) solves this problem by storing, tracking, retrieving and managing documents electronically thereby saving both cost and time.
Some of the benefits that an

Online DMS provides are:

  • Reduction in maintaining paper work and hard copies
  • Quick search and retrieval of documents
  • Backup options
  • Reliable and secure document management
  • Generation of hard copies when required
  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Flexibility of further development and customization

We create custom DMS solutions as per the client's requirements. The core object of DMS, at all times, remains the document but associated with each document there are different people and work-flows. Its because of this that we create specific user roles at each stage of the document life cycle leading to business process automation.

Michigan Data develops DMS solutions with the approach that these are not just time and cost saving tools but have the potential to consolidate efforts on all fronts across the organization.

Some of the standard features of our DMS solutions are:

  • Compatibility with all document formats including Spreadsheets, CAD files and PSDs
  • Version control and work-flow history audit
  • Collaboration tools and work-spaces
  • Document life-cycle management
  • Full text indexing and search
  • Integration with CRM, Accounting, Inventory and Project Management systems
  • Authentication and access control
  • Data encryption

Contact us today if you need to get a custom DMS solution developed or would like to know more about this service.