Network Security

Our Network Security Assessment Services will enable you to identify your system and network vulnerabilities, by undertaking Penetration Tests and IT Network Security Assessments of all kinds (Internet, Intranet, Social Engineering, Forensic Analysis, Wireless Audits etc.).
Our senior security consultants will help you to eradicate your system vulnerabilities, enabling you to be protected against today's ever-increasing cyber crime threats and to comply with latest government IT regulations. Our goal is to discover security holes in our customer networks and to close these gaps down, protecting our customers from the ongoing threats proposed by the digital world before they happen.

Barely a day goes by without news of security breaches, identity theft and malicious attacks on networks and end systems. Recent figures indicate that more than 90% of all IT systems are vulnerable to attacks.

In order to protect your infrastructure from attacks, we will perform comprehensive penetration tests on your network and reveal the vulnerabilities to our customers. We will present you with our recommendations on actions to be taken to protect your networks and host systems.

Our IT Security Specialists offer the full range of Network Security Services such as: Internet Security Assessment, Intranet Security Assessment, Dial-in RAS Security Assessment, Wireless Assessment, Social Engineering Assessment, Telecommunications Assessment, Database Assessment, Physical Security Assessment, Forensic Analysis, Employee Background Checks & Intrusion Investigation.

In addition, we provide consultancy on the following topics: Access Control, Application Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Planning, Cryptography, Information Security and Risk Management, Legal, Regulations, Compliance, Investigations, Operations Security, Physical Security, Security Architecture and Design, Telecommunications and Network Security.

Let us discover your network’s vulnerabilities, so they can be eliminated …before a malicious hacker does...